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KisanMan as name depicts its an entity which is available to look upon how the farmers of India will grow in terms of health and wealth both.

KisanMan is trying to solve the problem of middlemen and take the benefits of distribution of food by connecting local farmers in our network of different geographies in India. We buy their crops for frequent orders on reasonable price and the cash is directly provided to the farmers without any gap and no introduction of any middle man.By collecting enough crops we will to distribute it all over the globe via exporters. In this way reach of local farmers will become globally.

KisanMan provides many services such as :

  1. Govt Scheme Consultants
  2. Import / Export Facilitators
  3. Packaging
  4. Cold Storage
  5. Machinary Providers
  6. Logistics provider
  7. Organic Farming Consultantation

We provide many more services which are beneficial for farmers through which they will connect with best consultants, get all updates about market policies, Beneficial govt. schemes for agriculture department, and we are looking to provide these services to farmers on their doorstep.

Why Kisanman
In our country estimated total number of farmers are about 600 million i.e. 50% of our population which is a large number of people. But it can be seen that most of the farmers in India are suffering from various problems. The biggest problem being the low price for their farm produce. The Indian farmer receives just 10% to 23% of the price the Indian consumer pays for exactly the same produce, the difference going to losses, inefficiencies and middlemen.
"KisanMan covers many services in which we provide every possible solutions for agriculture"

Free Consultation


Removal of middlemen


Demand & Supply Maintenance


Export Facility

It is because the poor connectivity of rural farmers to big markets thereby limiting farmers to sell their surplus and commercial crops to middleman to earn money for their produce but they get paid very less amount and many small hold farmers are in debts because of low income, many committing suicides In 2012, the National Crime Records Bureau of India reported 13,754 farmer suicides. Farmer suicides account for 11.2% of all suicides in India which is major issue in our country.